welcome to cultivate: a shared journey

our vision on here is to provide a place where thoughts/questions/discussion can happen about faith and life. we need you though. it's no surprise that when it comes to faith, we need each other to grow. the bible talks about iron sharpening iron, and the Body of Christ having many gifts for the edification of God and others. so that's why we are asking you to join us here. we desire this to be a hub of stories, authentic sharing, thoughts and discussion. we want to take part in a bigger collaboration. our desire is for this to be a corporate website, one where we exist together with others, not one person only who dominates the content and conversation; but the voices, participation and ownership of many… this is the vision and purpose of cultivate

there are things to do on here and ways to get involved. if you have written an article, blog post, newsletter, study guide, etc… that you would like to post to enhance our faith, or if you want feedback/discussion… then the article section is the place for you! click on articles and follow the instructions on that page (coming soon).

if all else fails, just email us… we will be so happy to help you post or post some thing for you! :)

thanks for becoming involved with us here at cultivate!

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