MYTYR - Week 4 Questions

More Ready Than You Realize…” by Brian McLaren

Book discussion week 4 - chapters 8, 9, & 10

Chapter 8:

  • “i didn't want to read the old testament because when I do it usually makes me angry. how do you suggest dealing with the sexist/homophobic parts of the bible? it hasn't been an issue yet, but it will be.“ pg. 69. on page 70, Brian writes his response to her question. What do you think of her question?Are there parts of the bible you struggle with? an example maybe? If you do have some struggles, does it taint God’s word in your mind? can you truly believe in and have a relationship with a God that you have serious issues with, whether it’s from what you read in the bible, or what you’ve experienced with God?

Chapter 9:

  • “The Bible must be an extremely difficult document to read accurately. Is it worth it? I mean, it seems like everything that is presented, even in the most obvious way, has to be “translated”. Is it really so great, for all that effort? If every little thing has to be read in a completely different way than it is written, what’s the point?” pg. 74. what would you say to alice if you and her were communicating in a spiritual friendship?

Chapter 10:

  • read the story of george on pages 79-82. this story in my mind has a lot of stuff to it. here are a couple of things that hit me in this story. what are your thoughts?

1. george told his story to a group of people. after he finished sharing “all of the crap” he had done, the response of the group was to gather around him, hug him, and comfort him. no one had to tell him he was screwed up/sinful, he was already quite aware of it. but the response of love and care from the group despite all that he had done, made him believe there really was a God.

2. despite george’s struggle with believing in Jesus (a very “fundamental” part of the Christian faith) and why Jesus had to die (which is a very insightful question in itself!), he continued to spend time with and come around Brian’s church. i think that’s huge due to how churches normally operate with you having to believe the right things before you’re accepted as part of the community. And by the openness to his questions and doubts, he later went on to believe in Jesus.

3. God choose to use a mechanical engineer (brian’s brother) to give a different perspective on the question than any theologian had given. to me that just shows how everyone in a spiritual community is important and how the Holy Spirit can use everyone.

4. staying with the “everyone is important” theme, brian closes the story this way - “ I am struck by the dynamic way George - a newcomer to the community of faith - challenged me in my understanding, pushing me to consult the community ( through books in my library, and through Pete in my parents pool), leading to a new insight - something that I bring back to the community, thus enriching what it has to offer the next person who comes along. To say that the best theologians I had ever read never got me thinking as George did is not to insult the theologians, but rather to affirm the value of people like George and Alice to the Christian community. As with Peter and Cornelius, the relationship isn’t one-way. As is true in all good friendships, the benefit is mutual - it flows both ways… as in a dance.” pg. 82

Other Thoughts?

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