MRTYR - Week 2 Questions

More Ready Than You Realize…” by Brian McLaren

Book discussion week 2 - chapters 3 & 4

Chapter 3:

  • "Many people want to talk about God, but not just anyone is safe to talk to." pg. 38. Do you sense that a lot of people want to talk about God? What makes someone safe to talk to? or unsafe to talk to?
  • "Many people have stayed away from Christianity for good reasons." pg. 41. Do you agree? What reasons do think there are? If Christianity was presented as Christ intended, do you still think those reasons would be there?

Chapter 4:

  • You hear all the time people saying that they can have a much better walk with God by staying away from the church. Brian writes on pg. 45, "The search for God requires solitude, but it also requires community. People need a community where they can seek God in an encouraging context." Which do you believe? and do you think Brian is talking about a different kind of "church" than most people are referring to when the decide to stay away?
  • Respond to Alice's statement on pg. 46, "its christians responsibility to tell sinners and non-christians what they are doing wrong and to lead them to Jesus. He was saying that the "sinners" would be thankful they were told what they were doing wrong… i was like, man, who are you kidding? it's like that Neitzche quote in your book "It would be easier to believe in Christ if it weren't for the Christians…" or whatever the exact quote was".
  • "I suppose we faith-sharers need faith - faith that God is working in the person's life from many directions; faith that it is not all up to me and that it does not all depend on this one friendship; faith that God will not give up on this person; faith that God's Spirit is so pervasive that even after desire recedes, it will resurge again." pg. 47 I write this as more of a thought provoker, and not a question. This is a very different kind of thought than that of "modern evangelism" which usually works on getting as many people to heaven as quickly as you possibly can, and it's pretty much up to you to "complete the sale" (of course with the Spirits help - wink, wink). But where it goes wrong in my opinion, is that the "completion of the sale" is practiced like it's the end (or exactly as it says "a completion of a sale" instead of a new faith in Christ) - you won the conversion, your done with this person, now go find someone else. But accepting Christ is just the beginning of the journey, the start of a new life. And a new life that is vital for people to walk along side them with. We have way to many "conversions", without any help on the continuing journey.
  • Looking at the second paragraph on pg. 50, how would you answer Brian's questions?

Other Thoughts?

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