MRTYR - Week 1 Questions

More Ready Than You Realize…” by Brian McLaren

Book discussion week 1 – introduction, chapters 1 & 2


  • Brian talks about a great love of his – “evangelism”, but says the word is “so bastardized that I can hardly bear to use it.” – pg. 12. When you hear the word “evangelism”, what comes to mind? On pg. 13 Brian describes what most people probably think of it. Do you agree with his description?
  • “Good Evangelists…” – how would you describe one or are there any? What if we take back the word from the 20th century church, and turn it back to what it is supposed to be, like is written on pg.14. Would you add anything or want to take away something from his assessment?
  • “Jesus was short on sermons, long on conversations; short on answers, long on questions; short on abstractions and propositions; long on stories and parables; short on telling you what to think, long on challenging you to think for yourself; short on condemning the irreligious; long on confronting the religious.”- pg. 15. I love how that was put. In your experience with church/religion, is Jesus taught to be this way? If He were taught to be this way would you be more willing or less to follow Him?

Chapter 1:

  • “… all around you, are people who would stay up half the night reading or talking if they could get some help with their spiritual questions. All they need is someone who cares and who has some spiritual experience and wisdom to share.” – pg. 21. Have you found this to be true? Does this describe you?
  • “whenever I go to any church, or read any church literature, I change my mind.” – pg.23. Strong statements from a seeker. Unfortunately, I believe everyone in this group has felt that way once or twice… or more. How can we change that?
  • Looking at the dance analogy of pg. 27 (in the middle), how do you feel about this new approach? Would you be more interested in talking to someone, on either side, if it were more like a dance than like the old way of an argument?

Chapter 2:

  • “i need to make sure that i’m not being ‘lured in’, just to find out once I go ahead and believe that a whole lot of other stuff comes along with it that I can’t feel comfortable with, and then my whole person will change and i’ll become closed minded and bigoted and brainwashed and everything bad… i just can’t feel I can trust it.” – pg. 32. Have you ever felt like that about Christianity? What does this say about how the church today speaks to people like Alice… like us? How can Realgrace be better? How can we be used by the Spirit to help the Body of Christ in this area?
  • “Evangelism is should be about relationships” – pg. 29. So what does that look like? For you? For the person you are talking to? For Realgrace as a group?

Other Thoughts?

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